Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequent and comman questions asked are answered below. Hope, you'll find them useful.

Yes!, In our tech-based world, we're getting further and further from desktop-only sites on the web. The number of mobile users increases substantially every year. What kind of experience does your current site provide to someone viewing your site on their iPhone? Responsive web design is not a trend. It's a bulletproof practice that ensures your site is accessible to everyone – even if they don't own a traditional computer.

It depends upon your requirments.

Definitely! Just because your mobile traffic is low that shouldn't be regarded as a sign that you do not need a mobile solution. It may be that mobile users have been turned away from your site due to a lack of accessibility or poor user experience. Responsive web designs are centered on the idea that all users, regardless of device, should have access to all content. When you have a responsive site, you're projecting the message that your bussiness or organization is ‘future-friendly’ and that you care how your content is viewed by everyone – current and future customers alike.